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 Forms of the demons

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Ring Master Alexander
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Forms of the demons Empty
PostSubject: Forms of the demons   Forms of the demons EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 11:06 pm

The forms of the demons so you know how to fight them and how strong they possibly are...

The List of the world:::

  • Well you know how alexander and his "Brother" Christophe are demons right? Yeah...well their on the highest ranking of dangerous demons when you get on their bad side, specially christophes...
  • The second demons (Like the ones who attacked christophe) are claimed to be at the second towards the worst demons. they take alot of power to take down.
  • these demons live under ground, preferably in sewers and in damp places where their powers can be ignited most... int the dark..
  • the lowest of demons are slaves to the more powerful ones, they have crap for powers and can be caged easily after put under control. no powers wasted.

Hell Rayzors;

  • Blackened eyes
  • mangled hands
  • the power to sense ANYONE or ANYTHING through any amount of buildings, planes, or sheets of metal
  • Perfect liars
  • Mostly graced with a good aim or fighting skills beyond maximum human skill
  • a deep hatred for bright places
  • can read auras as well
  • Possibility to be blind out of one or both eyes
  • ::RARE:: The power to heal past most wounds, poisons and burns
  • Can climb heights unknown to humans
  • ::Rare:: Can speak different languages, talk through minds to humans, and bend the humans will to their very wim

::Like Christophe and Alexander these demons can be very strong, sense people from miles upon miles away, hold the affinity for fire, shadow, or lightning [Or a combination of the three]And or a really rare ability to conduct their own body to host spikes from their skin, poisonous to the touch; Bold but rather cocky, hard headed and rare as HELL to find, some Hunger from fear, others eat as if they were normal human beings, the bad side is they can be conceived blind through both eyes; but have a heightened snake like sense of seeing things; or the ability like the Hell Rayzors to read peoples auras; but these demons do not have an aura of their own, no soul to read nor a heart to listen to; To drag this all down to basics, you better not piss ANY of them off, if you run into one that is.. Else your in for a world of hurt!::
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Forms of the demons
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